Rise of the Runelords in the 612

Spires of Xin-Shalast 4/29/16

The party made their way up over 2000 feet to the top of the ramp that led into the center of the pinnacle of avarice.

They noticed a pair of cloud giant guards. The fight was on. 2 more cloud giants immediately joined the fray, one of them set off an alarm first to alert the complex of intruders.

The 4 cloud giants were dispatched quickly and a small bit of exploration was all the party had time to do before an image of Karzoug appeared and sent a Baleful Polymorph katabatix’ way. Luckily Katabatix runeforged weapon was able to absorb the effect. Most of the party felt an urge to plunge their runeforged weapon into the image, but instead the image was dispelled.

Almost immediately after Karzougs image was dispelled, more enemies approached quickly. This time it was 3 more cloud giants and a rune giant, accompanied by a wizard. Magnus summoned a powerful cloud giant as a response, and that giant proceded to decimate the rune giant and anything else it came across. The wizard tried his best to dismiss the cloud giant, but no luck. The wizard feeling quite outnumbered, dimension doored away.
So as the party was putting the finishing touches on the giants, 2 lamia-kin hungerers came bobbing along around the corner. they were accompanied by at least one lamia priestess. These foes were defeated, but more were coming!!!
Meanwhile Kushtet, was investigating the area the wizard came from, and found himself in a battle with the wizard…

what will happen next as a seemingly endless barage of giants and who knows what else close in on the party??

find out next session



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