Rise of the Runelords in the 612

Spires of Xin-Shalast 3/25/16

In this session, the party prepared to take on Ghlorofaex a Very-Old Blue Dragon.

Luckily the dragon was in its lair so it would be a bit easier to face, compared to if it was soaring in the skies.

The party found a likely building for its lair. A large entrance at ground level and also a large hole in a roof gave clues to where the lair was.

The dragon tried to be sneaky and be invisible while its mirage image would send forth a breath weapon.
Some of the party had some combo of see-invisibility and true seeing, which put a crimp in the plans.

The dragon was able to put a staggering critical on Karsus, and beat up on Katabatix pretty good. But the party was boosted by Magnus’ summoned cloud giant. And soon enough the dragon fell. It’s dreams of serving at Karzoug’s side dashed.

It had a pretty decent hoard all things considered.

Next the party took the tunnels up the mountain Mhar Massif and near the top encountered 3 Leng Spiders, strange beasts from the nightmare realm of leng. The spiders tried to parley and hope the PCs would put a stop to whatever business a group of Denizens of Leng were up to in the pinnacle.
The party was too good at bluffing being part of Karzougs crew, and so the spiders appeared to be enemies of Karzoug, so the fight was on. And after a while the party was victorious.

And they turned level 17.

and now comes the Pinnacle of Avarice and a showdown with Karzoug and his allies.



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