Rise of the Runelords in the 612

Spires of Xin-Shalast 12/19/15

The dirty ol Wendigo comes charging on the scene, hoping to grab someone and fly up high and drop em.
The plan was good to start as the wendigo grabbed Kushtet, but a clever use of dimension door by Katabatix saved Kush.
After that, the battle turned sour for the wendigo and down it went.

And soon thereafter, the dwarves finished their business of putting themselves and their cabin to rest, and the missing pages with the map to xin-shalst floated to the ground.

The party was instructed to fast and arrive to a specific spot in the icemist fens and wait for the full moon. The party arrived early on the day of the full moon, and just by looking around the area, the were actually able to find the way into the hidden region without the starving/full-moon nonsense.

In the region they came across Svevenka an icy nymph druid, who knew of the party because they helped her sister back in book-3 (she was the one in love with the former commander of fort reznix (or rannick), and she could sense the lasting inspiration that was left on Kushtet. Svevenka gave the party some advice of what to expect in xin-shalst, specifically to find some of the “spared” skulks who could have better intel on the area.

On the way to the city, there was a fight with 4 cloud giants and a tough frost giant that were scouts on the road to the city. these were killed fairly easily.

finally the city of greed, Xin-shalast appeared. The main gate into the city was guarded by many flying creatures, which the party avoided.

Along the other way into the city, the party saw a huge encampment of giants, all looking exhausted and just trying to acclimate to the high altitude. A stone giant named Gyukak got the pcs attention and seemed to be unhappy at being in xin-shalast and hoped that the party would go and make a distraction, so he could escape with some of the giants. He suggested to go fight Ghlorofaex (a blue dragon of some old age) as that would certainly provide a distraction.

Next, they decided to search out the skulks, who live in the tunnels created by the cooled lava from an ancient volcano that erupted hundreds or thousands of years ago.
Despite being in the mountains and underground and in a tunnel, Karsus tracking skill was rusty, but the party was found by a spared skulk named Morgiv.
Morgiv, told the party about a few interesting locations in the lower city that may be inhabited by “generals” or just powerful creatures that are being courted to join Karzougs forces. Bur Morgiv was most concerned about “the hidden beast” a mysterious creature that has been capturing skulks and turning them.
The party throws Morgiv a bone, and decides to take care of the hidden beast
Upon on entering the lair of the hidden beast, the party sees a skelton on a raised throne, but thanks to some tru-seeing, they see through the illusion and see the invisible Vampire Decapus known as the hidden beast.
a pretty good fight ensues, with 4 vampire skulk rogues joining the fray. Some negative levels happened. Karsus gets dominated, but luckily katabatix puts him to sleep. and the vampire skulks just couldnt hit a fucking prone helpless lump to wake him up.

Eventually the skulks “die” as they turn to mist and disappear thru cracks in the walls. The hidden beast as it dies, mists flow into the raised dais thru cracks. perhaps this is where its coffin is? karsus smashes through the stone to find the decapus and finish it off for good.

thats where we left off.



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