Rise of the Runelords in the 612

Spires of Xin-Shalast 1/9/16

In this session the party headed up the golden road toward the base of the steep peak that leads to the spires.

They first investigated a cavernous tower that was overrun with abominable snowmen. They killed them off rather easily.

Next they avoided an area known as the Tangle. It appeared to be overrun with some sort of fungus.

Finally, they made there way to the Heptaric Locus, a huge arena.
There they fought an Ice devil named Gamigin along with 2 scarlet walkers (larege red spider-like things with tentacles). And acquired a sihedron ring

Thats about it.

Will they face Ghlorofaex? Or maybe just head on up to the spires and look for Karzoug



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