Rise of the Runelords in the 612

Sins of the Saviors 7/3/15

In this exciting session the party explores the wing of pride.
A ton of mirrors lined this entire hall. In fact there were 2 mirrors of opposition which produced 2 Kushtets. Kush smartly broke both mirrors and that pretty much solved that problem.

In the large chamber the party was attacked by 6 clones of a wizard. Some were black tentacled to death and some died the old fashioned way.

After that, the parrty found the original body of Vraxeris who had been cloning himself for thousands of years. His notes had lots of info, and were emailed to ya all. Some hints on Karzoug and some hints on how to exit runeforge.

In one of the chambers there were 6 clones of the succubus delvahine (from the lust wing). these were killed with ease.

and the next stop is wrath!



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