Rise of the Runelords in the 612

Hook Mountain Massacre - 8/24/13

The party explores the Graul farmhouse.
Kushtet encounters a floor-saw trap and also a door-spike trap on the porch. The party wisely avoids a pit trap in the living room. There are some scythe-traps set up into the dining room which cause a tiny bit of damage. A couple ogrekin killed in their room.
When it comes to mammy’s room, magnus sets a wall of fire to torch mammy and her 3 ogrekin zombies. However after taking some fire damage the teleports down to the basement with a zombie or 2 in tow.
The battle in the basement was quite a challenge. It included Hucker Graul, a barbarian-rogue and his 2 donkey-rats which provided flanks. Adding to this, Mammy had her zombies and a spectral hand to deliver touch attacks. Soon to follow was good ol Muck Graul, half plant-half ogrekin , this thang swallowed both Pek and karsus whole. A fireball from magnus finished it off, but pek was an unfortunate casualty having taken a lot of damage from muck and various other foes.
They found all the gear of the black arrows they rescued.

The next step is to regroup and decide what to do about the fort.



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