Rise of the Runelords in the 612

Hook Mountain Massacre - 7/21/13

Everyone arrives in Turtleback ferry, and soon decide to set out for Fort Rannick.

Along the way, an injured firepelt cougar is being chased by dogs and an Ogrekin named Rukus Graul. Rukus and the dogs are defeated easily, and it is determined that the cougar is actually an animal companion of someone and this cougar gets the party to follow it to the Graul farm.

A quite ugly ogrekin named Crowfood is patrolling the farm and attacks the party, and dies soon after.

Kushtet and the gang decide to check out the barn first, and bust in thru some rotted boards in the back of the barn. They encounter and kill 3 ogrekin and a quite large ogre-spider named ‘Biggin’. In the top area of the barn are some black arrow prisoners, namely Jakardos (long lost lover of Shalelus mother), Vale Temros, a fighter ranger.,Also Kaven Windstrike a ranger-rogue. And finally Shalelu herself. Luckily they are all alive but quite traumatized to the horrors they witnessed.

At this time the party ponders how to scout the farmhouse. Magnus wisely comes up with a plan to become invisible & gaseous and pretty much scouts thru the entire place, but does not have the time to notice any potential traps….



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