Rise of the Runelords in the 612

Skinsaw Murders - 6/22/13

The party finds the Shadowclock Tower which is in the Underdock area of Magnimar.

Once inside they see it is wide open and a rickety staircase winds up along the sides of the tower all the way up to where 4 large bells hang ominously.
It didn’t take long for a pumpkin headed flesh golem called ‘Scarecrow’ to pop out of hiding and surprise Magnus with a charge. The golem soon fell and the party began the climb.
If they stood too close together the stairs would creak and sway. Eventually they got close enough for some faceless stalkers in the rafters to cut a rope and send a bell plummeting down towards the party, it luckily missed everyone but still took out chunks of the stairway.
Eventually the stalkers are defeated and we move into Xanesha’s lair.
She had an illusion of a nasty demon fooling the party for a couple rounds while she tried to bring everyone down. Then the power went out at my house, and eventually Xanesha died.
Xanesha had a note from her sister,talking about harvesting greedy souls in Turtleback Ferry. And Xanesha herself had a list of greedy people whose souls may be ripe for plucking.
ALll this proof and info was brought to the authorities attention. The party got a large reward and an advance if they would check out Turtleback Ferry because their is Fort Rannick which has been silent for days and people are worried.
this ends book 2

shadowclock, power outage



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