Rise of the Runelords in the 612

Fortress of the Stone Giants/Sins of the Saviors 1/2/15

In this pulse pounding session we wrap up book 4 and start book 5.

The party loots all of mokmurians gear, including a sihedron key to fit in the large doubledoors down the hallway. Also of note, it appears someone named Xaliasa may have a key to runeforge in sandpoint

By using the key, the party avoids quite a nasty trap. Anyone who messes with the doors without the key, will cause a ‘shining child’ to appear and beat the crap out of everyone.
In the room they find a large library area, A giant hole in the middle of the floor holds multiple levels of bookshelves. A semi-smoking clockwork guardian approaches and speaks thassilonian. Eventually the party gets some books on Karzoug,Xin-Shalast, and Runeforge. You guys made huge knowledge rolls, I can make photocopies of the info to handout on all 3 topics.
Next the party tries to destroy the runeslave cauldron, but being an artifact, it will not succumb to the feeble attempts to destroy it,
Eventually the party contacts Conna and she presents the head of mokmurian to the tribes above, and convinces them to disperse.
There were a few unexplored areas around Jorgenfist. Like the ancient tower, a cave in the cliff with wyverns, and a cave up in the hills beyond the fortress.
But since the party was laden with tons of loot, the teleport back to Magnnimar, sell a bunch of shit, get a bit of crafting done. And then head to Sandpoint for a romantic dinner.

Interesting things happened in Sandpoint, a sinkhole opened up into the catacombs of wrath, And another level deeper is exposed.
Also of note, sherriff hemlock sent a couple town guards down to explore, they have not been heard from since. Also some scary howling too coming from da pit.

Down below theres foggy hallways, doors disguised by illusions, scary howling,lots of scribbling on the walls. Mostly prayers to Lamashtu, but party finds a strange passage referencing runeforge.
A voice from the shadows questions the parrty for news from above, after a short conversation, the voice responds no longer. And then at the far end of the shrine, a demon that was disguised as a rat starts to cast some foul magic…

ps first session ever with no attack rolls



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