Rise of the Runelords in the 612

Fortress of the Stone Giants 12/5/14

The party arrived back into the depths of Jorgenfist only to find that the cauldron room was now guarded by 2 stone giant runeslaves. The runeslaves were joined by the fiorgefiend, but the party was able to defeat them all.
Next they headed up to a long hallway, with a large double-door sihedron door at one end and a single door at the other.
The party went in the single door, and there encountered a nasty group of foes, 3 crafty hounds of tindalos were accompanied by Lokansir the Jotunblood hill giant. Escept Lokansir had been made into a runeslave. the enemies suffered a pretty good beatdown and it was on to the next room which had quite a bit of fog in it.
The next room was Mokmurians Lair, he was ready for the party and buffed to the gills. A couple good dispel magic got rid of his mirror image and fire shield. The party mostly made thru a series of fogs unscathed. There was a fog cloug, solid fog, cloudkill, and stinking cloud.
It was a pretty good fight, thanks to the stoneskin, but eventually Mokmurian went down in a heap.
As he took his dying breath, his voice became quite different and his eyes looked as if someone was looking thru them at you. This was karzoug.I can show you his speech in person if you like.

Anywayyyyys…that ended the session



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