Katabatix Intro

“Katabatix? Yes it is an usual name. It is the name the folk of the northern realms give to the bitter wind that blows for days on end during the coldest, darkest part of the year. If you would like to hear why it was also given to me, I suggest one more bottles of this passable vodka. It’s a little better if you chill it like so…” The bottle frosts over when he picks it up.

The party finds Katabatix drinking vodka alone in a not too nice yet not too seedy inn in Sandpoint. One bottle of vodka is mostly gone and he seems interested in the young Human bard who is entertaining the main room with her lute accompanied story ballads. As Elves go, he is not pretty. He has a gaunt face and pale skin with ashen undertones. His hair is silvery white and he wears it in a very long braid running down his back. His ice blue eyes are hidden behind a pair of obsidian glass spectacles, which he says help his light sensitive eyes. He is dressed for travel and though his clothes may have been courtly at one time, they are due for replacement. He has a dagger but no other sign of armor or weaponry.

When asked about his origins, Katabatix tells a tale of how he was raised by a witch in Irrisen. The witch’s familiar, an arctic fox, found Katabatix abandoned in the snow as a babe. Thankfully, due to the fox’s thick coat, he survived until the witch found him and took him in. His only identifying information was a mark in the shape of a black snow flake on his chest. In later years the witch explained the mark probably branded him as part Drow and that’s why he was abandoned. Because Katabatix was a clever child the witch kept him as a servant. To ensure his faithful service the witch put a spell on Katabatix but he did not know it at the time. One day the witch was summoned to a conclave of witches at Whitethrone, the capitol of Irrisen. Things must have gone poorly for the witch because she never returned to her rooms. Katabatix was given to an “aunt” of his former mistress’s to do with him as she please.

So it went that Katabatix grew up in the complicated and treacherous world of Irrisen. As an Elf, he outlived some mistresses and held positions as scribe or clerk in various minor households, He learned various magical tricks but more importantly he felt, was how remain unnoticed. He thought life in Irrisen was endurable if not enjoyable. Things changed for Katabatix about a year ago. A talented Elven minstrel visited the household in which Katabatix worked. Katabatix became enchanted with the minstrel who was actually a well traveled bard named Goswinn. Goswinn realized that Katabatix was under a spell of some sort to bind him to servitude. His sense of identity was severely shaken when Goswinn told him about the spell. With Goswinn’s help, Katabatix broke free from the spell but his new passionate self awareness alerted the witch holding the spell. Goswinn helped Katabatix to escape to Varisia but failed to meet him at an appointed rendezvous in Rimeskull. For the last nine months Katabatix has been wandering Varisia.

By the end of this long tale the party can tell that Katabatix has talked far more about himself than he had planned to. But, after a long pause he pushes forward to relay his goals. He seeks to start a new life and discover his talents. He sees the power in both magical and martial skills and is interested in joining this group because they seem to represent a mix of these very skills. Naturally, he is very interested in any news of Goswinn but secretly he fears she has met the fate of many others who have crossed paths with the witches of Irresen.

Katabatix Intro

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