Rise of the Runelords in the 612

Spires of Xin-Shalast 6/10/16

More exploration of the Pinnacle of Avarice took place. This time there were no wandering monsters. The party did encounter:
-4 more images of Karzoug at various places throughout the pinnacle. each of those were defeated by various means, mainly plunging a runeforged weapon into the image did the trick.
-an Astradaemon was guarding some empty cells near where you surmise the Lamias were quartered.
—a Planetar angel was most likley bound to protect another room that had a breach in the structure leading to outside. A cursory examination led you to beleive a stone giant was living there somewhat recently. (your old buddy Mokmurian perhaps?)
-there were a dozen Denizens of Leng all working on a large portal that displayed a scene of Xin-Shalast in its height thousands of years ago. You surmised that they were working on creating a stable portal that could transport 10s of thousands of giants from the past to the present to enrich Karzoug’s army. You were able to kill the denizens which basically undid all the work they did on the portal. But as the portal closed a unique creature stumbled through, which you killed.
-You also defeated a Shemhazian Demon which was guarding an ornate door. This door was also protected by a shimmering gold wall of force.

As it turns out, the only place you have not been is beyond that door. So thats where we will pick up next session.



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