Rise of the Runelords in the 612

Spires of Xin-Shalast 6/10/16

More exploration of the Pinnacle of Avarice took place. This time there were no wandering monsters. The party did encounter:
-4 more images of Karzoug at various places throughout the pinnacle. each of those were defeated by various means, mainly plunging a runeforged weapon into the image did the trick.
-an Astradaemon was guarding some empty cells near where you surmise the Lamias were quartered.
—a Planetar angel was most likley bound to protect another room that had a breach in the structure leading to outside. A cursory examination led you to beleive a stone giant was living there somewhat recently. (your old buddy Mokmurian perhaps?)
-there were a dozen Denizens of Leng all working on a large portal that displayed a scene of Xin-Shalast in its height thousands of years ago. You surmised that they were working on creating a stable portal that could transport 10s of thousands of giants from the past to the present to enrich Karzoug’s army. You were able to kill the denizens which basically undid all the work they did on the portal. But as the portal closed a unique creature stumbled through, which you killed.
-You also defeated a Shemhazian Demon which was guarding an ornate door. This door was also protected by a shimmering gold wall of force.

As it turns out, the only place you have not been is beyond that door. So thats where we will pick up next session.

Spires of Xin-Shalast 5/6/16

The battle in the Pinnacle of Avarice rages on!

This time the party faces all of the wandering guards without having to retreat. I wonder if Karzoug is nervous…

All of the action took place in the same old hallways as last session.
Some of the monsters who perished include:
1. Another image of karzoug appearing out of nowhere and flinging insults and spells.
2.Viorian Dekanti (female fighter) and her intelligent golden scimitar
3. A couple wardens of thunder (advanced storm giants)
4. A rune giant
5. 3 more lamia priestesses.
6. Khalib the level 16 transmuter wizard.

After that, there appeared to be no more enemies on the move after you guys, which gave an opportunity to catch your breath.

Other enemies you know of are a Huge Demon apparently with orders to guard a certain spot.
And there is lots of exploring yet to do.

good luck

Spires of Xin-Shalast 4/29/16

The party made their way up over 2000 feet to the top of the ramp that led into the center of the pinnacle of avarice.

They noticed a pair of cloud giant guards. The fight was on. 2 more cloud giants immediately joined the fray, one of them set off an alarm first to alert the complex of intruders.

The 4 cloud giants were dispatched quickly and a small bit of exploration was all the party had time to do before an image of Karzoug appeared and sent a Baleful Polymorph katabatix’ way. Luckily Katabatix runeforged weapon was able to absorb the effect. Most of the party felt an urge to plunge their runeforged weapon into the image, but instead the image was dispelled.

Almost immediately after Karzougs image was dispelled, more enemies approached quickly. This time it was 3 more cloud giants and a rune giant, accompanied by a wizard. Magnus summoned a powerful cloud giant as a response, and that giant proceded to decimate the rune giant and anything else it came across. The wizard tried his best to dismiss the cloud giant, but no luck. The wizard feeling quite outnumbered, dimension doored away.
So as the party was putting the finishing touches on the giants, 2 lamia-kin hungerers came bobbing along around the corner. they were accompanied by at least one lamia priestess. These foes were defeated, but more were coming!!!
Meanwhile Kushtet, was investigating the area the wizard came from, and found himself in a battle with the wizard…

what will happen next as a seemingly endless barage of giants and who knows what else close in on the party??

find out next session

Spires of Xin-Shalast 3/25/16

In this session, the party prepared to take on Ghlorofaex a Very-Old Blue Dragon.

Luckily the dragon was in its lair so it would be a bit easier to face, compared to if it was soaring in the skies.

The party found a likely building for its lair. A large entrance at ground level and also a large hole in a roof gave clues to where the lair was.

The dragon tried to be sneaky and be invisible while its mirage image would send forth a breath weapon.
Some of the party had some combo of see-invisibility and true seeing, which put a crimp in the plans.

The dragon was able to put a staggering critical on Karsus, and beat up on Katabatix pretty good. But the party was boosted by Magnus’ summoned cloud giant. And soon enough the dragon fell. It’s dreams of serving at Karzoug’s side dashed.

It had a pretty decent hoard all things considered.

Next the party took the tunnels up the mountain Mhar Massif and near the top encountered 3 Leng Spiders, strange beasts from the nightmare realm of leng. The spiders tried to parley and hope the PCs would put a stop to whatever business a group of Denizens of Leng were up to in the pinnacle.
The party was too good at bluffing being part of Karzougs crew, and so the spiders appeared to be enemies of Karzoug, so the fight was on. And after a while the party was victorious.

And they turned level 17.

and now comes the Pinnacle of Avarice and a showdown with Karzoug and his allies.

Spires of Xin-Shalast 2/26/16

Some more exploration of the lower portion of Xin-Shalast.

First stop was Vormarck’s Circus, named after the stone giant who won a mastodon chariot race, and was subsequently gored by his team of mastadons. Half this structure had some of the weird tangle of fungus growing, so it wasnt explored too thoroughly, though it looked deserted.

Next was the Spolarium, LOng ago this place served as a disposal area for contestants from the circus. And was also used as a morgue and creamitarium. Inside this struture there were a couple Dread Wraiths.

After that they found a building without a floor, that went undeerground to a secret tunnel that seemd to slowly rise up the peak of Mhar Massif.
Actually before the party scampered inside, they did catch sight of Gholofaex the blue dragon wheeling thorugh the sky without a care in the world.
IN the tunnels they encountered a mountain roper, and they possibly found a concealed path up to the spires…

Next, they came upon the House of Divine Consumption. This was currently occupied by a variety of Lamias. Some Kucharima, some Hungerers, and a couple standard lamias too. All were killed in this former church of shalast.

Finnally, they came across the Temple of the Sihedron. This worn down partially collapsed ziggurat had a small band of giants camped around a fire, just enjoying a quiet eveing, minding their own business. When a bloodthirsty group of adventurers came through and killed the stormg giant and 3 frost giants.

where will they go next?

Spires of Xin-Shalast 1/9/16

In this session the party headed up the golden road toward the base of the steep peak that leads to the spires.

They first investigated a cavernous tower that was overrun with abominable snowmen. They killed them off rather easily.

Next they avoided an area known as the Tangle. It appeared to be overrun with some sort of fungus.

Finally, they made there way to the Heptaric Locus, a huge arena.
There they fought an Ice devil named Gamigin along with 2 scarlet walkers (larege red spider-like things with tentacles). And acquired a sihedron ring

Thats about it.

Will they face Ghlorofaex? Or maybe just head on up to the spires and look for Karzoug

Spires of Xin-Shalast 12/19/15

The dirty ol Wendigo comes charging on the scene, hoping to grab someone and fly up high and drop em.
The plan was good to start as the wendigo grabbed Kushtet, but a clever use of dimension door by Katabatix saved Kush.
After that, the battle turned sour for the wendigo and down it went.

And soon thereafter, the dwarves finished their business of putting themselves and their cabin to rest, and the missing pages with the map to xin-shalst floated to the ground.

The party was instructed to fast and arrive to a specific spot in the icemist fens and wait for the full moon. The party arrived early on the day of the full moon, and just by looking around the area, the were actually able to find the way into the hidden region without the starving/full-moon nonsense.

In the region they came across Svevenka an icy nymph druid, who knew of the party because they helped her sister back in book-3 (she was the one in love with the former commander of fort reznix (or rannick), and she could sense the lasting inspiration that was left on Kushtet. Svevenka gave the party some advice of what to expect in xin-shalst, specifically to find some of the “spared” skulks who could have better intel on the area.

On the way to the city, there was a fight with 4 cloud giants and a tough frost giant that were scouts on the road to the city. these were killed fairly easily.

finally the city of greed, Xin-shalast appeared. The main gate into the city was guarded by many flying creatures, which the party avoided.

Along the other way into the city, the party saw a huge encampment of giants, all looking exhausted and just trying to acclimate to the high altitude. A stone giant named Gyukak got the pcs attention and seemed to be unhappy at being in xin-shalast and hoped that the party would go and make a distraction, so he could escape with some of the giants. He suggested to go fight Ghlorofaex (a blue dragon of some old age) as that would certainly provide a distraction.

Next, they decided to search out the skulks, who live in the tunnels created by the cooled lava from an ancient volcano that erupted hundreds or thousands of years ago.
Despite being in the mountains and underground and in a tunnel, Karsus tracking skill was rusty, but the party was found by a spared skulk named Morgiv.
Morgiv, told the party about a few interesting locations in the lower city that may be inhabited by “generals” or just powerful creatures that are being courted to join Karzougs forces. Bur Morgiv was most concerned about “the hidden beast” a mysterious creature that has been capturing skulks and turning them.
The party throws Morgiv a bone, and decides to take care of the hidden beast
Upon on entering the lair of the hidden beast, the party sees a skelton on a raised throne, but thanks to some tru-seeing, they see through the illusion and see the invisible Vampire Decapus known as the hidden beast.
a pretty good fight ensues, with 4 vampire skulk rogues joining the fray. Some negative levels happened. Karsus gets dominated, but luckily katabatix puts him to sleep. and the vampire skulks just couldnt hit a fucking prone helpless lump to wake him up.

Eventually the skulks “die” as they turn to mist and disappear thru cracks in the walls. The hidden beast as it dies, mists flow into the raised dais thru cracks. perhaps this is where its coffin is? karsus smashes through the stone to find the decapus and finish it off for good.

thats where we left off.

Spires of Xin-Shalast 11/27/15

Ahh yes, the beginning of the final book.

Following up on the lead of dwarven miners who may have found the location of Xin-Shalst, the group heads into the Storval Plateau and up the Kazaron River.

It didn’t take long for the party to find the old cabin used by the dwarves. The cabin is perched on a 60 foot ledge with an enclosed stairway down to a smaller building.Upon entering the vicinity, the party heard an unnatural howl which magnus deduced came from a Wendigo.

The party entered on the lower level and made their way through the cabin encountering a few haunts that shed some light on what happened to the dwarves. Themes of greed,starvation,cannibalism were abundant. Also it started to blizzard (a known power of the wendigo).

Eventually the whole cabin released a long drawn out haunt that eventually made some PCs exit on the lower level and become attacked by a Horror Tree, an undead treant of some sort tainted from the aresenic and other waste chemicals left from the dwarves.

Finally the haunt ended and a lone ghostly dwarf (silas vekker) bade the party to recover the bones of his brother a few miles away so that they may rest together and the ghost would tell the way to Xin-shalast.

The party made it to the bones of Karivek Vekker, and were set upon by Kariveks ghost and an advanced frost worm. Eventually the party defeated the foes and made it back to the cabin with bones in tow, Despite hearing the howl of the nearby wendigo.

Back to the cabin and Silas started a ritual which would put the haunting at ease, and all of a sudden, the wendigo emerges and attacks the meddling pcs…

Sins of the Saviors 10/16/15

In the final session of book-5 the fellas finished exploring the ravenous crypts.

Starting with defeating the necromancer lich Azaven and his Devourer pal in an epic battle. Then they found a trapdoor into a room with 3 sarcophigi. 1 of which was his phylactery which was then smashed to bits. The rest had some good ol fashioned treasure.

The last unexplored area of this wing was a crypt in honor of a rich dude , lord mankray. They fought an armored clay golem made to look like a snake, and were rewarded by many bottles of wine.

With Runeforge explored, all that was left to do was enchant their weapons, but first why not take a month off to sell shit and craft stuff.

and then its back to the runeforge, the party pops in the stinky sloth wing. and makes their way to the central chamber. Kushtet wants to be first to enchant and dips a dagger along with a lust-toy and a pride-mirror into the pool and lo-and-behold he now has a runeforged weapon.

At that moment the statue of Karzoug animates and it appears that the statue is being controlled by the actual karzoug and he says some shit to you guys and tries to attack you with this statue, but to his dismay, a poor initiative roll and a wall of force pretty much leave him open to a barrage of sneak attack invis daggers from Kush and the threat is deafeated.

Now all that remains is to find the fabled city of gold Xin-Shalast and then to put a stop to Karzoug before he rules the world.

Karsus remembers a pair of dwarven brothers, the vekkers, who legend has it, found that city of gold, but when they re-equipped for an extended mining operation they were never heard from again. Perhaps if the party finds the dwarven mine camp, some clue to the location of xin-shalast may be found…

Sins of the Saviors 9/19/15

In this not-unbloodcurdling session the party was sitting around in the wing of wrath debating how they were going to spend all their hard won loot. When all of a sudden a gumby-warrior of wrath entered the chamber and bowed down to his new master, Katabatix (thanks to this new scar).
After making sure all 9 of the warriors were faithful to the cause, they accompanied the party (the next day), to the wing of gluttony, also known as the Ravenous Crypts.

The first room was circular with skulls adorning 10 biers around the walls. Upon entering, 6 Thassalonian Mummies emerged from 6 of the biers. They all had a really annoying aura of despair which paralyzed some of the gumbys with fear. One of the gumbies perished in the battle, but the party was victorious!

Next room had a crossroads bridge, with more biers lining deep pits on all sides. Each 90 degree section of pit was dedicated do a different family that was somehow associated with gluttony.

Going left the party came to a room with a curtain of black suspended between 2 large pillars with black energy flowing throughout room. The party set a few of the gumbys the task of destroying the pillars which could take a minute or three.

The party then ventured through an abattoir and into a research room with blood all over the place. Then they were assaulted by an odd zombie of some sort. which was eventually killed.

Round about then, a loud explosion could be heard from the room with the pillars. The gumbys had succeeded in destroying the pillars, but had created 2 large explosions as the crystal pillars exploded, Also as the curtain closed a nightwing nightshade lurged through the closing portal, and summoned 2 greater shadows. They then killed 4 more of the gumbys, and had a pretty good battle, but eventually they died.

Another corridor then led to 2 hallways which each had 3 more of those pesky mummies. Those mummys died relatively quick and then a secret door was found and inside….

appeared to be an undead looking wizard of some sort along with a large undead protector of some sort. The wizard addresses the party …" (find out what he says, friday oct 16)"


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